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The opportunity to study and create music is a beautiful gift that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Start your singing journey here!


Voice Lessons

Learn the basics of vocal technique, sight-singing & ear-training.

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About me

My name is Regan Hjelle

I have been working with young voices for the past several years as an elementary music specialist in the Duluth Public Schools, as well as a Choristers Director with the Lake Superior Youth Chorus. I love working with young singers to develop their vocal technique and open up their voices!

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Studio Policies

for the most quality and effective instruction.

I will create a safe and positive environment in my studio that encourages students to work hard, explore their voices, make mistakes, and have fun in the pursuit of excellence. I will meet students where they are at, carefully constructing an individual plan that both celebrates their natural talent and pushes them to grow. I will clearly communicate my expectations for at home practice and performance preparation with families and students. I will focus on the joy of music, the impact of sharing music with others, and the growth of the whole person through music study.

Parents will promote daily practice and guide students in developing this habit, especially when they don’t feel like it! The voice is a muscle that must be used in order to strengthen! Family members contribute to students’ progress by taking an interest in the music they are working on, encouraging them to persevere when it’s challenging, and praising their success. Families are responsible for providing a space to practice in their home with minimal distractions and a device in which they can access their practice materials. Parents will also bring students to lessons on time and make tuition payments on time.

Students will arrive at every lesson prepared and on time. They will bring with them their music, assignment binder, water bottle, and pencil. 4-5 days of practice (15-30 minutes per day, depending on level) are required weekly and are necessary for progress in vocal studies. Singing is fun, but needs to be handled with focus and care. Remember, your voice is a muscle that learns and strengthens through repetition and healthy use. Students are responsible for completing assigned goals each week as well as logging practice if asked.

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